Minor chips or cracks on your teeth? Receding gums? Tooth sizing or spacing problem? Dental bonding from Smile & Shine Dental Studio, Holly Springs, NC offers an effective solution to these and other cosmetic dental problems.

With dental bonding, your tooth is reconstructed using tooth-colored resin that mimics the appearance of your natural teeth for a flawless smile free of tooth decay and other aesthetic imperfections.

Our dental bonding procedure is non-invasive and can often be completed in one office visit. During your visit, our dentists will ensure your comfort throughout by applying a local anesthetic (if necessary) before initiating the two-step process.

  • 1st Step: First, a shade of resin that most closely resembles the natural color of your teeth is selected, and a thin layer of the material is applied to your tooth and smoothed into a desired shape.
  • 2nd Step: Finally, the dentist will harden the bonding composite with a high intensity light and polish the surface for a natural-looking finish you are sure to love. Your damaged tooth can be restored to its former beauty and function!

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